Mediation Services

Resolving conflict when the relationship matters — that’s what we do.

We bring together professionals in mediation, conflict coaching, child and family advocacy, and financial planning to offer a holistic approach to resolving disputes so the issues are settled while the relationships move forward.


We help families settle difficult disputes while preserving relationships with all those impacted. Common issues include divorce, marital conflict, adoption, paternity, estates, and elder care.


Business conflicts put more than profits on the line.  We help businesses realign relationships around common values to resolve issues that threaten reputation, client relationships, and productivity.

Faith Community

At their heart, conflicts within a community are really family conflicts—impacted deeply by commonly held beliefs. We help community members utilize shared beliefs as a guide to resolution of the issues.


Organizational conflicts arise when people with limited interaction join to accomplish a goal. We help resolve underlying conflict and build working relationships for future issues.

Finding myself going through a divorce was the last thing I expected a few years ago.  I am so grateful to have been referred to Patrick Brown and his mediation services. ~ Mary, Client

My biggest regret is that I did not know about The Resolution Center sooner.  I had several previous experiences with attorneys who seemed to be out to simply make a dollar. The Resolution Center is working to help us have a good outcome for life and a hope for our future.  I will be forever grateful.  ~ Brenda, Client

I trust The Resolution Center with my clients and have never been disappointed with the quality of care they have received. ~ Stephanie Castle, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Norther Light Christian Counseling

The Resolution Center was fantastic at helping us sort through everything in our somewhat unique situation. Pat and Patty helped us have an amicable divorce with no lawyers and no fights, and they put an emphasis on what was best for our 3 kids. ~ Chris, Client


As a mother of eight, Tess knows conflict. “When my children argue, we resolve the issue—but my biggest role is protecting and adjusting their relationship. I do the same thing for my clients.”  Tess works as a Mediator and Divorce/Conflict Coach helping clients resolve disputes and redefine relationships.
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Patricia is a parent, a stepparent and now a grandparent. She also has years of experience with children and families as a school psychologist in private practice, as a behavioral therapist, and as a developmental specialist.
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Pat knows about settling conflict. He has served as an Attorney-Mediator in private practice in Zionsville for over 20 years—combining his training in Pastoral Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy with his training as an attorney to conduct thousands of mediations.
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